Ho Quoc Pagoda

From Duong Dong Town to the main road to Sao Beach about 1km, on the left side, there is a narrow road which is road to Ho Quoc Pagoda. Ho Quoc Pagoda architecture is very old following ancient dynasty of Ly and Tran Kings with majestic framework, with panoramic to the beach and further to deep blue sea. From the entrance gate, there are 18 statues of solemn Arhat made from rock. In the middle is a concrete carved picture of dragon and lotus. Inside the temple at big front yard is a 3 meter-height marble statue of Buddha being meticulously sculpted. You have to pass 70 stairs to get inside the main temple, there are 2 rows of stairs in the shape of 2 marble dragons sculpture animated.

Source: Ket noi Dao Ngoc

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